Colleen Mangold (neé Van Kirk)

Colleen_headshot_webPostdoctoral Researcher

I received my BS in Biology from Gettysburg College in 2008.  Following my undergraduate studies, I attended Penn State Hershey College of Medicine where I joined the PhD/MBA dual degree graduate program.  I received my MBA in 2012 and my PhD in Pharmacology in 2013.  My graduate work focused on examining the molecular mechanisms underlying cognitive impairment with non-neurodegenerative brain aging.  Specifically, my thesis was focused on characterizing the expression and regulation of the major histocompatibility complex class I (MHCI) processing and presentation pathway in the central nervous system (CNS).  We were able to find that there are sexually dimorphic differences in the induction of neuroinflammatory processes in the CNS with normative aging as females demonstrate higher expression of inflammatory factors when compared to age-matched males.  Additionally, regional expression of MHCI transcripts (H2-K1 and H2-D1) is controlled in part by DNA promoter methylation, suggesting promoter methylation may play a role in controlling regional expression of genes in the CNS.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy running, reading, watching sports and movies.  I just bought my first road bike and am hoping to spend some more time outside riding!

Colleen Mangold
W-222 Millennium Science Complex
University Park, PA 16802

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